Radio Seattle are the UK’s finest grunge tribute act.

Radio Seattle are Jonny Pires (vocals), Mark Anstee (guitars), Paul Corrigan (guitars), Markus Hunter (bass) and Zeek Sweiry (drums). It’s a blast to be playing these timeless songs, and we’ve been spreading the grunge love for five years.

If you’re interested in booking us, or just want to get in touch, email us at radioseattluk@gmail.com, and you can find out more about us on our Facebook and Youtube pages, plus our new Temple of the Grunge page.

Here’s a taster from our Fiddler’s Elbow gig in December 2016.

In a short space of time in the early 90s, grunge revolutionised the rock scene, with an explosion of sublime bands coming out of Seattle: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and many, many others. All with different sounds and styles, but all connected by their shared location in the Pacific Northwest and by their commitment to making music with honesty and integrity. And love of a good checked shirt.

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Radio Seattle has previously included Richard Gaya (bass), Sean Cooper (vocals), Dave Polak (vocals), and Dave Sweet (guitars) – big thanks to all of you for being part of the band’s evolution.

As a band, we’ve always got one ear cocked for new grunge music, and you’ll find some links on the New grunge page. Please suggest links to band and fan websites, blogs, tweets, videos… Also in these pages you’ll find Mark’s blog, a collection of ramblings on all matters grunge.  And if you’d like to contribute something about grunge, get writing!

Spin the black circle!

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