If I knew where it was…

‘Look what I picked up at Record Store Day,’ my friend Dave emailed me the other day, along with the picture below.

Ahh, yes, Record Store Day. Curses. I keep forgetting it each year. The above look like two fine additions to anyone’s record collection.

‘State of Love and Trust’ and ‘Breath’, as the sticker on EP on the left suggests, both appeared on the Singles soundtrack, which is being re-released this month to celebrate its 25th anniversary.* From memory, Nirvana declined the invitation to be included on the soundtrack, but if you want a grunge snapshot this is the best place to turn: both of the above, along with ‘Would?’, ‘Seasons’, ‘Birth Ritual’, ‘Overblown’, ‘Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns’, and ‘Nearly Lost You’. Listening to it always makes me feel 20 again. Speaking as a child of the 90s.

‘Breath’ (sometimes ‘Breath and a Scream’) was based on an old Stone Gossard riff from his Mother Love Bone days, and was one of the first songs Pearl Jam wrote, appearing on their first demo and getting an airing at their first gig, at the Off Ramp Café in October 1990. Aside from some classic Mike McCready SRV-style licks (and the habit many early PJ songs have of not quite knowing how to end), it features some typically deft Eddie Vedder lyrics. It’s not a song they’ve played live that often, but it made a rare appearance on their 2003 Live at the Garden DVD, so rather than link to some grainy footage from 1990…

Actually, sod it, it’s a great song, so here’s the grainy 1990 footage:

Better still, some Vedder basketball skills from 1991. (I have always loved this song!)

‘What the Hell Have I’ and ‘Little Bitter’ – outtakes from the Alice in Chains Dirt sessions – appeared on the soundtrack for the Arnie vehicle, Last Action Hero, alongside songs by AC/DC, Megadeth, Def Leppard, Queensryche, Anthrax and Fishbone. A decent soundtrack if perhaps less of a grunge snapshot than the one for Singles…

* A compliment for us is a compliment for you, Cliff.


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