Come down, and waste away with me

Spring is here again – it keeps happening every year seemingly – so what better way to celebrate nature’s perennial revivification and those lengthening evenings than a grunge night. Radio Seattle is kicking the year off with an unplugged set courtesy of Jonny and Mark (and a couple of new songs, including one pushing the grunge envelope a touch but which you’d be foo-lish to gainsay…). Yes, Croyattle is back, at a new venue, The Scream Lounge, and the line up includes Superfecta, Trevor’s Head and Alice in Chains UK (you can catch them doing Sunshine at the last Croyattle here). Tickets £5 (door).

You may recall a couple of years back we covered ‘Hunger Strike’ with the aid of our good friend Roberto. Well, Roberto has lost his razor but found a new band, and if you swing by you can catch this amazing singer in Superfecta. They’re also headlining the euphoniously and laudably titled Bollocks to Brexit tour in late May.

We’ll be announcing some more, plugged, dates shortly, so watch this space… In the meantime, for those in need of a more immediate grunge fix (ahem), here are ‘Spoonman’ and ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ from our gig at The Fiddler’s Elbow last December. Feel free to beat the rhythm with your bones, but if you do please make sure there’s a responsible adult supervising, lest you be in debt to our priceless advice.


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