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Grunge night at The Edge 7 April 2016 v2

Radio Seattle are back in action, at The Edge in Croydon on Thursday 7 April. You’ll find the event page here, where you can get us in a frothy lather simply by clicking “going”, or even just “interested” in a non-binding but hopefully positive, life-affirming manner. Free admission; you just have to haul your weary, grunge-starved bodies down to Croydon for some vital grunge resuscitation.*

We’re thrilled to be part of a cracking line up: alongside Noise Yard, Dave Sears and Paul Leask, there are two fine tribute acts in the shape of Death to the Pixies and Brothers in Chains unplugged (but just who exactly might they each be paying tribute to?).

Radio Seattle, Railway Tavern 31.10.15

We’ve sorted out a sweet little setlist for your delight and delectation; not least, we’ll keep it pumping straight to your heart… Having so many great songs to choose from makes selection tough, and after some lively discussion we’ve had to leave a few crackers out; here’s one that didn’t make the cut.

So, if this will be your first gig seeing us, then darn it, you’ll just have to come see us again some time soon. More gigs in the pipeline; watch this space…

Hope to see y’all there. Everybody loves our town, so spread the grunge love!

* If you actually live in actual Croydon, you don’t have to haul yourself there, as you’re already there, of course. You could temporarily leave Croydon earlier that day in order then to haul yourself there, but that may be a tad gratuitous. Up to you. I couldn’t advise you either way. Even less excuse not to swing by though.


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