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dark mark does christmas

The image is, appropriately enough, a little blurry. It ought to be frayed round the edges too.

The middle of March bears witness to two regular celebratory events, neither connected to George Eliot: one designed to appeal to mathematicians; one to the Irish and all lovers of Guinness; and both to Guinness-loving mathematicians, or which there are probably quite a few.*


Pi is the circumference of a circle divided by its… hurrghh… cherry pie…

14 March is Pi Day, so named because in the American calendar it’s 3.14.** And 17 March is, of course, St Patrick’s Day (hic), when globally we all wear something green, and both patronise Irish pubs and the Irish themselves, bless the little leprechauns.***


Top of the morning to ya, etc and so on.

So, to commemorate these two vernal events, here’s a Christmas carol courtesy of Mark Lanegan, who’s back over in Europe this spring (unfortunately he’s in London on the same night as Chris Cornell).

It sounds exactly how you’d expect a Lanegan Christmas carol to sound and is all the more delightful for it, even in March. It was self-released in 2012 as part of Dark Mark Does Christmas, which I imagine he did in inimitable style.****

If you’re wondering why I’m listening to carols in March… I’m catching up on music emails, and just got to this one from The Listening Post.  If like me you’re always on the lookout (earout?) for new (and old) music to listen to but don’t know where to start in this brave new digital world, it’s well worth signing up to this blog and having a browse through the back pages. It’s particularly good for psychedelic, surf and garage rock.***** Here’s another gem, from C.W. Stoneking.

* Whilst the Venn diagram would be easy to draw, I have no idea, however, how many would populate the intersection. It could even be a Core Maths problem.
** As you are doubtless pointing out to anyone lucky enough to be in range, Pi Day this year was 3.14.16, which is Pi rounded to 4 d.p.; last year on Pi Day, at 53 seconds into 9.26 am, it was 3.14.15 9:26:53. I’m sure you all find this as pleasing as I do.
*** St Patrick’s Day sometimes coincides with the last day of the 6 Nations rugby championship. A few years back, I spent one very pleasant day in a pub to watch all three final-day games live. By the time football came on in the evening, I was mildly confused about how the referee was policing the breakdown.
**** Imitating anything Mark Lanegan does is probably not recommended for those of us with normal constitutions.
***** And Secretly Canadian, which appears as a category in its search filter.


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