Has to sweep back the other way

PJ, Missoula, 30 Sept 2012.

My occasional series on Pearl Jam tour posters has inadvertently become very occasional.* So, applying the paddles (clear!), I shall delve back into 2012, when the conflict in Syria was but a year old and those in the know confidently predicted it would soon be over, Obama was persuading us of the merits of four more years of masterly inactivity, and Mitt Romney and Donald Trump were best buds. But at least the Lib Dems were keeping the Tories in check from their worst, austerity-inflected excesses, and no one expected an outright Tory win in 2015, not with PM-in-waiting Ed Miliband providing such effective opposition.

Pearl Jam played a few dates in the US in September 2012, Eddie Vedder going on to play more (rescheduled) solo dates later in the autumn, kicking off in Las Vegas on Halloween and winding up in Clearwater** in early December. On the Philadelphia date Jay-Z joined Pearl Jam during the encore for a cover of ’99 Problems’.

Pearl Jam tour posters

Eddie Vedder tour posters

Posters courtesy Spreading the Jam.

* The last one was posted in December 2014, and it was intermittent then. Eek.
** Nope, me neither.


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