In disguises, no one knows

Autumn is well and truly underway …

The day becomes more solemn and serene
When noon is past – there is a harmony
In autumn, and a lustre in the sky,
Which through the summer is not heard or seen,
As if it could not be, as it if had not been!
[ahem, ahem #cough#]

… and I now realise it’s six months since I last posted about Radio Seattle; an update is long overdue.

Joao and Roberto, The Garage, 12.03.15

Joao and Roberto, The Garage, 12.03.15

Back in March we supported the immense Nervana on two of their UK tour dates, and a true pleasure it was to open up for them at The Garage in Highbury and The Institute in Birmingham. Nervana are all you could hope for from a tribute act, true to the sound and vibe of the original band. Both gigs were a blast, from the opening notes of ‘Corduroy’ through to the finale of ‘Even Flow’. It was humbling at The Garage to ponce about on a stage where so many great musicians have played and where, with some help from our good friend Chris Cornell Roberto, we were able at to add ‘Hunger Strike’ to the set; a memorable highlight for us and, I hope, for the crowd too (seemed to be!).

[Big thanks to Kris for editing this video.]

Sadly, after these gigs our bassist Richard decided that he no longer wished to continue as part of Radio Seattle. So, a belated thank you from all of us for his role in shaping the band and in being a central part of where we are and what we’ve achieved. He’s currently working on another project which I am certain will be of interest to followers of this blog, one which I look forward to seeing live.

Radio Seattle 2, The Garage, 12.03.15

Radio Seattle, The Garage, 12.03.15

Onwards and upwards; the summer was therefore occupied with finding a replacement: not content with recruiting one new member to the ranks, we recruited two. Step forward Paul and Markus. Paul provides a second guitar and backing vocals: those of you who’ve seen me perform live will be uncertain which of these was the more needed, but he’s appreciably filling out our sound (plus allowing us to tackle a few pesky two-guitar songs properly) and keeping me away from a microphone. Win all round. Markus is our new bassist; along with green guitar strings, he brings years of regular gigging and an extensive knowledge of the Nirvana back catalogue. And not only has he doubled the amount of hair in the band, he also has nifty video editing skills, as witnessed below:

So when, I hear you cry, can we see the new line up in action? Paul and Markus have got to grips with a large number of songs in a short space of time, we’ve added a few new ones, and our sound is evolving nicely, so I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be playing live (undead) on Saturday 31 October at The Railway Tavern in Crouch End. It’ll be a Halloween grunge spooktacular, and there’s free admission for zombies, vampires and witches (and humans come to that, we’re not fussy).

Hope to see you there!

Joao 1, The Garage, 12.03.15

Joao, The Garage, 12.03.15

I was intending to share some photos of the new line up with you, but we had to postpone the photo shoot. Soon, though…


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