Grandma take me home

Montage of Heck update… nope, still haven’t seen it. (Sorry, Eric.) But I picked this up in hardback in a second-hand bookshop over the weekend.

cross book cover 2

Having read room full of mirrors, his excellent and diligently researched biography on Jimi Hendrix, I’m looking forward to this one. Seattle-based Cross (quite correctly) has a fascination with left-handed guitarists from Washington state who don’t make it to their 28th birthday but who light up the music world nonetheless.

So in my usual getting-distracted-by-something-tangential-manner, this will blunt the dreary daily commute to work* whilst also enabling me to procrastinate even longer on the film.**

* Once I finish Zia Haider Rahman’s absorbing, if meandering and obliquely plotted, novel, In the Light of What We Know.
** Also tucked away in the ‘to watch’ pile are documentaries (rockumentaries, if you will) about Hendrix, Kathleen Hanna and Lemmy (as in, separate films about Hanna and Lemmy; a film about the two of them would be either very brief or mildly schizophrenic). Oh, and I’ve still not seen the one about Mia Zapata either. Slacker…


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