Go hawks!

PJ Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks meet the New England Patriots in Arizona tomorrow night at Superbowl XLIX,* as they attempt to repeat last year’s 43-8 thumping of the Denver Broncos and become the first team since Denver in 1998 to win back-to-back Superbowls.

Their appearance follows a stirring comeback against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship final: 19-7 down with 2:09 left on the clock, they somehow fashioned a 28-22 overtime win. The Pats breezed past the Colts 45-7 in the AFC championship final, but apparently QB Tom Brady had the help of underinflated balls; amid all the overblown pre-match hoopla – and the NFL loves overblown hoopla – Deflategate (seriously) rumbles on Stateside.

Seahawks logo

If you want to back the hawks, what better way to do it than with a Pearl Jam 12 Flag Needle shirt.** A portion of proceeds will help benefit the NFL Kick Hunger Challenge with donations distributed to Food Lifeline. And if you stay up into the wee hours to cheer on Marshawn Lynch et al., the half-time entertainment is coming from Katy Perry featuring Lenny Kravitz,*** so that may provide you with a good moment to go do something (anything) else.

Back in the mid-1990s, the Seahawks almost left Seattle for LA, but with crucial help from Washington state soccer fans, the Seahawks narrowly won a state referendum to build a new combined football and soccer stadium (or football and American football stadium, if you prefer), thus preventing a Seahawk relocation and leading to the popular Seattle Sounders joining the MLS in 2009.

Go hawks!


No suggestive imagery going on with this trophy. No sirree. You’d be a fool and a communist to suggest anything else.

* The Roman number 49, of course, not the average shirt size of the crowd. Someone has estimated, alongside nine other gargantuan ‘facts’, that 14 billion hamburgers will be eaten during the game, presumably worldwide, not just at the stadium. Next year will witness Superbowl L. Sounds like it’ll be a rubbish game. Maybe the cost of a 30-second commercial will drop below its current $4m price tag to reflect this infernal outcome.
** The crowd at CenturyLink Field is incredibly noisy, and credited as acting like a 12th man for the home team. Much as I love PJ and enjoy watching the odd bit of NFL, especially at Wembley with my mate Dave, wearing one I’d feel like a bandwagon-jumping plastic hawk, so am going to duck this offer. Plastic talons are pretty ineffectual anyway, I’d imagine.
*** How does one artist feature another – will she be wearing a Kravitz t-shirt, or will he hide behind her and occasionally stick an arm out?


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