Don’t want no requiem

"Alexandra Palace was named after the new Princess of Wales, Alexandra of Denmark, after she married Prince Edward in 1863, although work on the palace was not completed until 1873." "I did not know that."

Not unusually, I’m a bit behind with my blogging, so a belated mention for the November release of ‘Phantom Limb’, the third video single from The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, the most recent Alice in Chains album.

It’s a ghoulish video for a rich and textured song; the strange thing about this album is that whereas overall it doesn’t stack up to the first William DuVall-era album, Black Gives Way to Blue, the songs individually compare favourably. Both ‘Hollow’ and ‘Stone’ were strong singles. This may be a reflection of the album’s limitations: mid-paced and lacking in dynamic range over the full hour-plus running time. Or it may be that the first comeback album possesses a freshness that its follow-up by definition couldn’t match. Or it may be that I’m being fussy and intransigent, and in a year or so I’ll be raving about it. Who knows. Nonetheless, in spite of fond memories of Layne Staley, I’m a fan of the new-ish line-up; the band remain an excellent live prospect and were in fine fettle when they played London in late 2013.

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I hadn’t realised till recently that the band have covered ‘Kashmir’, the Led Zeppelin classic: you can listen to it in the Audioeclectica post below (or direct from the Youtube link). DuVall does an impressive Robert Plant. In case you’re wondering about the numerous and overdressed roadies behind the band (and why Sean Kinney has seemingly been incarcerated in a glass cell), AiC performed the song with the Symphony Guild, who perform an annual benefit concert at Benaroya Hall for Seattle Children’s Hospital. The conductor is really rocking out \m/.

A magisterial version in a great cause (and Mike Inez seems to have brushed his hair especially for the occasion), though I still have a sneaking fondness for the playful Jeff Buckley version from Live à l’Olympia:


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