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Shawn Smith tour poster

Shawn Smith has announced solo UK tour dates this spring, including a final date of the tour at West London’s enchanting Bush Hall that I’m really looking forward to attending.

Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith

Smith was last over here in February 2013 with Brad. But whereas Brad have a (relatively) defined sound – understated groove-rock with the odd dash of soul – Smith’s other projects allow him to fashion music with a more eclectic palette of influences. The classic Satchel album, EDC, threw into the melting pot the odd doom-metal riff, samples from Reservoir Dogs, and Smith’s inner Prince cavorting around with abandon – falsetto and all – before rounding it all off with this gem of a track showcasing Smith’s delicate piano skills and deft lyricism.

If you only ever click on one Youtube link in all my bloggy, Seattle-fixated ramblings, please make it this one.*

Pigeonhed indulged Smith’s leanings into electronica. Slightly weirdly, ‘Battleflag’, one of the tracks off The Full Sentence, was used in ER, for the scene where Dr Carter and his then belle Lucy Knight were stabbed;** Lo-Fidelity Allstars created a vibrant, funky remix of the self-same ‘Battleflag’ (am giving the vinyl 12 inch a whirl as I type).

Anyhoo, can’t wait till 5 May!

* Then click ‘Buttercup’ here. And then click on a whole bunch more, and tell friends, family, pets, work colleagues, strangers, anyone really, just what an extraordinarily fecund musical hotbed 1990s Seattle was. If you don’t even manage to click on ‘Suffering’, then shame on you. Pah.
** everyone else in County General is partying on Valentine’s Day; if you have a yen for top-notch 90s hospital drama alongside top-notch 90s music, here’s the clip. (I always had a bit of thing for Dr Susan Lewis.)


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