Wakin’ up the reindeer

Today (6 January) is the 12th day of Christmas, so it’s my last chance until next December to get this post written whilst maintaining a veneer of topicality. We took down the Christmas tree this evening; doesn’t Christmas whizz by these days?!

In recent years (since 2009, as you’ll soon figure out), Becky has put her innate cracked-but-crafty* talents into practice by making me Pearl Jam-related Christmas cards, and this seems an opportune moment to present a gallery of her mighty fine creations, in reverse chronological order.**

2014 Christmas card

2014 Christmas card

The most recent card. Apparently (and very out of character) getting Matt Cameron’s head the right size was quite a challenge.

2013 Christmas card

2013 Christmas card

Eddie Vedder about to run over a sprout. I hate sprouts. The devil’s own vegetable. Even typing the word makes me queasy. Ugh.

2012 Christmas card

2012 Christmas card

Ed in a hurry to get somewhere. Or running away from rampaging sprouts.

2011 Christmas card

2011 Christmas card

Uncle Neil would make a great Santa. Peace, love and general tree-hugging hippyness to all on Mother Earth.

2010 Christmas card

2010 Christmas card

Possibly in homage to the inside sleeve of Live on Two Legs, though I’m not aware that Muttley has ever been in the Pearl Jam road crew. More’s the pity. Stone Gossard would make a great Dick Dastardly. Perhaps.

2009 Christmas card

2009 Christmas card

And the first one. All those yesterdays…

There’s a (metaphorical) prize for anyone who gets where the title of the post comes from. Ok, here’s a major clue.

This is also my first post of 2015,*** so a chance to wish you all a happy, grunge-filled new year! May this year find all your songs in drop D and all your shirts checked.

* Please do sign up to her blog for all your crafty needs, it’s a damn fine blog with no be-god nonsense about it.
** Cue Take Hart music.
*** Unusually, this year brings three Friday the 13ths, and a blue moon in July (Manchester City fans were probably hoping for one in May; perhaps this means they’ll win whatever meaningful pre-season cash-in tournament they’re playing in the US or the Far East). 2015 is also palindromic in base 2, but cannot be written as the sum of three squares. So there you go.


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