Happy birthday Eddie Vedder!

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder will doubtless be uncorking the odd bottle of wine today to celebrate a landmark birthday, as he reaches his half-century (hopefully without drinking any of it out of someone’s shoe). He’s such a massive fan of The Who that he’s turned 50 in the same year they did. Still young enough to play on a swing though.

Photo credit to Mike Dziama via the Wishlist Foundation.

Photo credit to Mike Dziama via the Wishlist Foundation (from whom I’ve also shamelessly stolen the swing gag).

Fans have been submitting videos to support Cause the Wave, a movement set up by Jill and Eddie Vedder to raise money and awareness to fight EB (Epidermolysis bullosa), a devastating and especially cruel childhood illness. (When I find a link to the video montage being created, I’ll add it.)

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can do so at http://ebresearch.org/.

#CauseTheWave #HealEB #HappyBirthdayEV


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  • I don’t mind stealing bread | radio seattle

    […] * The first evening of the concert was also both Matt and April Cameron’s wedding anniversary and their son’s 16th birthday. If he forgot either, which I very much doubt, he can blame it on being preoccupied with all the intricate time changes on ‘Zero Chance’. ** Clue: Nudedragons is an anagram… *** A full list of artists at previous concerts can be found here. **** Vedder is almost exactly the same age as the band: both turned 50 this year. […]

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