Building the towers, belongs to the sky*

Have just returned from two weeks’ holiday, taking in the fresh – at times startlingly fresh – air of Purbeck (in Dorset? yes I’d heartily recommend it)**, and very pleasant it’s been to be away from work and the accompanying twice daily squash on the Piccadilly Line.

Instead: long country walks in the Purbeck countryside, many of them along the scenic and surprisingly hilly Dorset coastline; cream teas at the Worth Matravers tea room (a-ma-zing, if you’ll forgive the Craig Revel Horword-ism)***; squirrel watching on Brownsea Island; log fires in an old stonemason’s cottage; visiting Saxon and Norman churches.

A red squizzer, earlier.

A red squizzer, earlier.








It’s also been two very nearly grunge-free weeks – it may not be a form of music readily associated with quiet, bucolic holidays**** – and I’ve been plugging away at learning how to finger-pick on my acoustic guitar (it’s a slow process owing to my repeated inability to string together more than a couple of weeks of dedicated practice).

So why only very nearly grunge-free? Well, Becky kindly bought me a holiday present:

Phew, I'm 10+.

Phew, I’m 10+.












She’d seen it when shopping online for a birthday present and couldn’t resist it. So I spent one morning in the cottage assembling my very own Lego Seattle Space Needle:














Someone has already created a Lego Pearl Jam, so there’s quite possibly a special edition version of this with a nano-Mudhoney performing at the top of it.*****

I’ve also assembled a nano-guitar, an earlier present from Becky.

Nano-amp stack to follow.

Nano-amp stack to follow.












It only occurred to me after I’d built it that I could have made it left-handed by following the instructions in a mirror, and one day I shall do this. Then I’ll build a nano-Marshall stack to smash it into to get some nano-feedback.

* the next lines in ‘Limo Wreck’ are ‘When the whole thing comes crashing down, Don’t ask me why’ – hopefully not prophetic.
** thanks to GC for the bad pun – he has a ready supply of them.
*** although mercifully I’ve so far dodged the Strictly bullet this autumn.
**** if you don’t believe me, try humming ‘Rusty Cage’ as you tramp along Nine Barrow Down.
***** this doesn’t exist, sadly; to achieve the effect you may simply need to medicate yourself appropriately, put on some Mudhoney and look at a the real Space Needle.


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