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Radio Seattle are back on the road again – for me it’s quite a short road, as we’re playing tonight at the Railway Tavern in Crouch End (my own leafy north London enclave).

We’re there for John’s 40th birthday bash, but all are welcome, and we’ll be on 9pm-ish. We’re debuting a couple of new songs: there’s a clue in the post title for one of them…

Joao, Islington, 10.09.14

Joao, Islington, 10.09.14









It’s actually our third gig with Joao, our ace new singer.* Our first two gigs with Joao onboard were last month, supporting the delightful chaps in Pearl Jem. We’ve posted a few photos from the Islington O2 gig, and photos from the Waterfront in Norwich will be following shortly, along with some fresh additions to our Youtube channel.

Hope to see you tonight at the gig. Be there! Or, um, don’t be there. Your choice. You’ll miss out if you aren’t, though I’m sure you have exciting things planned. Or of course you may live nowhere near London, in which case you’re excused anyway.

* I can’t pronounce his name properly and have to call him Jonny. I’m such a Little Englander, it’s shocking.**
** I’m not really a Little Englander. But I can’t even get close to pronouncing his name correctly.


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