I blow my load over the status quo

Queens shave

Idly watching tv the other day, I heard Queens of the Stone Age, ‘Smooth Sailing’ during an ad break, its jerky rhythms accompanying some lithe young things exhorting me with their improbable cool to buy a car, or some perfume, or maybe something else. Aftershave perhaps. Or some garden tools.


…Like Clockwork was one of the strongest rock releases of 2013, a welcome return to form after a few years of drift. And you’ve commodified it by letting someone use one of its standout tracks to sell stuff.

If you don’t believe me that you’ve committed a heinous sin against art, here’s the timeless and characteristically unequivocal Bill Hicks opining on the subject.

It’s possible that I was having a weird dream – it seems so unlikely after all – so apologies to QOTSA if my marbles are flying loose. I’ll eat less late night cheese. But I’m fairly sure I’ve not made this up.


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