I won’t hold on


Poster from Sao Paulo, 6 May 2014.

Poster from Sao Paulo, 6 May 2014.

Eddie Vedder debuted a new song on his Brazilian jolly last month. Currently untitled, it’s been called ‘I Won’t Hold On’ by fans until it’s given a name. I don’t know which fans these are: is there a committee assembled for this sort of circumstance? Who knows.

The song got an airing at two of the Sao Paulo gigs and again in Rio a few nights later: you can hear the two Sao Paulo versions on Stereogum. It sounds like a bit of a work in progress, as Vedder himself sheepishly half-confesses before playing it on the first night, but there are some lovely vocal lines on top of simple, haunting minor chords played on an acoustic guitar. (Not much idea about the lyrics though. ‘I won’t hold on’ at the start of the first chorus is the most intelligible part, which probably explains how the New Song Committee reached their decision.)

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The setlists from the short tour (which can be found as ever on Spreading the Jam) are the usual mix of solo material, Pearl Jam songs and thoughtful covers; support again from the fab Glen Hansard. (The photo above is from last year, not the Brazil tour.)

Pearl Jam have also announced dates for an autumn US tour. This summer’s European tour kicks off in Amsterdam on 16 June – not long to go! It’s a glamorous tour taking in many of Europe’s cosmopolitan hubs: Milan, Vienna, Milton Keynes…


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