Ukulele gleaming golden

Okay, so it’s taken me a couple of months to write this post. I’m speeding up…

Pearl Jam toured Australia a start of the year, and Eddie Vedder followed it up with a further 11-date solo tour. The surf must be really good down under in February. On this tour, and previously, he’s been covering Amanda Palmer’s ‘Ukulele Anthem’, and as a thank you to her for penning the song, well, read Palmer’s blog post about it (judging by the exuberant quantity of exclamation marks, I think she was pretty chuffed about his thoughtfulness).

Amanda Palmer ukulele anthem

A week later, Palmer joined Vedder for the encore at one of his Melbourne gigs, along with regular support Glen Hansard. Read her post about the evening – it’s beautifully written and worth reading through, so I’m not going to paraphrase this one either. Some cool pics too.

14-02-18 EV Melbourne

The first Palmer post above includes footage of her joyous performance at Occupy Wall Street back in October 2011, but here it is again. Watch it!

(Someone’s added a download of the Melbourne gig in the comments on its Spreading the Jam page, where the poster above came from, and where you’ll also find a setlist – as you will for all PJ and Vedder gigs. It’s a fab website.)


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