There’s no time to keep it low


Matt Cameron of Pearlgarden. Or Sound Jam.

Following the release of Lightning Bolt last month, and an autumn tour to support it, drummer Matt Cameron has announced that he’s going to focus on his Pearl Jam touring commitments next year, and temporarily vacate the Soundgarden drum stool. Cameron remains an active member of Soundgarden, so the band will need to find a temp drummer for their 2014 gigs (only six announced to date, three of which are supporting Black Sabbath in Germany,* but more may follow).

They’re reinforcing the floors of the venues as I type.

So, who will be the stand in? How does a stand in sit on a drum stool? Whoever gets the job is going to have some challenging drum parts to learn in a short space of time: it may even limit their setlist choices.

One option is Dave Grohl, director of the ‘By Crooked Steps’ video, but leaving aside his Foo commitments next year, I’m not convinced he’d be the right type of drummer for Soundgarden. He’d bring a stack of energy to the band, but may lack Cameron’s taut precision. Other options include Brad Wilk, who was in Audioslave with Chris Cornell, and Josh Freese, who played drums on Cornell’s first solo album, Euphoria Morning.

Ok, so 11/8 intro, then 7/8 verse, 5/4 chorus, and the odd bar of 2/4 or 4/4 to keep in flowing?

Ok, so 11/8 intro, then 7/8 verse, 5/4 chorus, and the odd bar of 2/4 or 4/4 to keep it flowing?

As they say, watch this space… ok you can stop watching now. No really, go away. Seriously, haven’t you got better things to do? Oh well, at least watch this while you’re waiting.

* I doubt a heavier, more detuned subordinate clause has ever been written. Apologies if it falls off the screen, through your desktop and onto the carpet. Possibly then through that into the cellar. Who gets to play ‘Into the Void’?


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