He hit with me with a surprise left hook

bring pj to israel

In support of Israeli DJ Ben Red’s Facebook campaign to persuade Pearl Jam to play in Israel (they’ve yet to tour the country), metal band Orphaned Land* have recorded a cover of ‘Jeremy’.

It’s a pretty cool take on the song, though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. There’s a bit of a Serj Tankian feel to Kobi Farhi’s vocals. If you’re going to cover a song this iconic (and you’re not a tribute act), you’ve got to bring something of yourself to the recording, not simply attempt a note-perfect reproduction. Orphaned Land have achieved that admirably and creatively, giving the song a unique Middle Eastern vibe.

Here’s the original: always worth a re-watch.

*Orphaned Land are often described as ‘oriental metal’; with a nod to Edward Said, I’d prefer another, less-culturally loaded term, but I’m not sure quite what… Whatever you call them, they’re worth checking them out, especially if you like metal replete with Middle Eastern inflections. Radio Seattle’s drummer Zeek is a massive fan.


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