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Not content with one headline gig at The 100 Club – where Muddy Waters, Clapton, the Stones, the Pistols, Metallica and many, many wonderful, disparate artists have played – Radio Seattle are back there again.

The gig’s tomorrow night, Friday 6 September. We’ve stepped into the breach after a late cancellation. And it will be 100 days since our previous gig there too.*

Tickets are £5 advance – tell us you’re coming here. Future rock: pushing forward back.

Radio Seattle 100 Club 06.09.13

And then, of course, we’re supporting the fantastic Pearl Jammer at The Borderline the following night, Saturday 7 September, on the Ten Tour – Revisited – following in PJ’s own footsteps. Kev (Eddie) is blogging about the tour. They’re an excellent tribute act. If you love Pearl Jam, be there (no excuses! unless you live in Australia, perhaps); if you don’t (yet), be there anyway and find out what all the fuss is about ahead of tenth album Lightning Bolt coming out next month. Better (man) late than never!

Pearl Jam's first UK tour, February 1992

Pearl Jam’s first UK tour, February 1992

Tickets £6 advance if you tell us you’re coming, or with this flyer.

Radio Seattle flyer 20-png

Two nights of top-notch Seattle music – what else could be on your weekend wishlist?

* Actually, it’s 97 days, but don’t let that spoil a good story.


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