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Pearl Jam, Pinkpop 1992

Pearl Jam, Pinkpop 1992

Been watching a classic Pearl Jam gig today – Pinkpop 92. A band riding a wave to huge success (before all the problems and uncertainties that came with that success manifested themselves), they play with real vitality and intensity, a sheer in-the-moment burning joy in being together and alive and onstage and hairy and blasting out some great songs.

Well worth a watch, and not just for Gossard’s goatee (it was the early 90s).

Jeff Ament is bouncing around so much in ‘Why Go’ he falls over and tries to pretend it was on purpose (not buying that one). Stone Gossard probably moves more in this set than he did on the whole 2012-13 tour. Mike McCready sneaks a bit of the ‘War Pigs’ outro into the end of ‘Alive’.

Vedder getting to the front for Soundgarden

Vedder getting to the front for Soundgarden

A driven Eddie Vedder – his eyes at times locked in a miles-away stare – looks like someone who’s found their calling and is going to squeeze every last drop out of it; he even deftly uses a camera crane to reach the audience for some crowd-surfing during ‘Porch’. Focused, in control, but on the verge of being overwhelmed by the experience, in the corridor offstage afterwards he looks completely spent, shaken even.


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