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The Melvins

The Melvins

Been getting back into The Melvins recently, a significant influence on the Seattle grunge scene – they could boast four tracks on Deep Six, C/Z’s famed 1985 compilation – and many other bands since (QotSA, anyone?).

Part-Black Sabbath, part-Black Flag, part-Kiss (!?), The Melvins’ early fans included Kurt Cobain, who hung out with them back in Aberdeen when he was still getting Nirvana together. Dale Crover played drums on a 10-track Nirvana demo in 1988, and Matt Lukin join Mark Arm and Steve Turner in forming Mudhoney later that year when the Melvins relocated to San Fransisco.

Frank Kozik's striking sleeve design for Houdini

Frank Kozik’s striking sleeve design for Houdini

Here’s the awesome video for ‘Honey Bucket’, from 1993’s Houdini, their major-label debut. (The Melvins on a major! The Nevermind effect at its most potent.)

Cobain had a co-production credit for Houdini, also playing guitar on one track. Here’s a recent live version of ‘Hooch’. King Buzzo’s hair has perhaps finally fulfilled its long-term promise of becoming an extra band member.

The band are still going strong, out on the road celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. TM30!


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