Have a guess, I don’t let you look inside

Alice in Chains have released a second lyric video, for ‘Stone’, from the imminent The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here:

Unlike the first one, ‘Hollow’, it doesn’t utilise fan-created images inspired by the song’s lyrics; but as with the first one it’s bundle of uplifting jollity, redolent of smiling puppies and all good things generally.

The monstrous detuned riffage ((c) rock clichés) bodes mighty well for the new album, which is out in the UK on 27 May – click here if limited edition merch bundles are your bag – and the band are roadtesting it as I type (well maybe not exactly at this moment, but you get my drift), with a date at Donnington on 15 June fast approaching. Haven’t seen them live with Duvall yet, but imagine his second guitar adds plenty to the live sound.

The band have also been the subject of filmmaker Alan Poole McLard’s unofficial documentary AiC23. The band themselves may not have cooperated in its making, but among others Lars Ulrich (shock), Kim Thayil and Mike McCready were more than happy to add their tuppence. This searing, searching film won a prestigious honourable mention at the Inland Film Festival, and you can see why, not least for the revelation about the origins of ‘Man in the Box’.

Here’s the video for ‘Man in Hock’ ‘Man in the Box’ from those phoney rip-off merchants AiC:

In fact, it’s taken me so long to write this post, the video proper for ‘Stone’ is also now out. I’m pleased to report AiC’s fine tradition of literalism in their videos continues – yes, it includes a great big bloody stone, alongside polished pebbles aplenty:

As the more observant among you will notice, Jerry Cantrell has cut his hair. Scandalous, I know. Courtesy of Antiquiet, here’s one of him onstage with Pearl Jam from 2009 when the barnet was still at full strength.

Jerry Cantrell onstage with Pearl Jam, 2009, courtesy Antiquiet

Jerry Cantrell onstage with Pearl Jam, 2009, courtesy Antiquiet


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