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Pearl Jam are currently on tour in South America, and a small group of fans waiting outside the hotel where the band were staying in Argentina were treated to Vedder playing ‘Without You’ on the ukulele. Click here for some (humorously furtive) video footage of it.

And click here to watch some high-quality footage of PJ’s excellent Buenos Aires gig 03.04.13. ‘Release’ as a set opener unfailingly sends a shiver down my spine. And good to see the blistering ‘Lukin’ resurface. Here’s the setlist, courtesy of Spreading the Jam (we are all toast) (also where the poster above originates).

The new PJ album is now slated for early 2014. PJ have been in LA working with Michael Einziger from Incubus: from Einziger’s Instagram.


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