Crowned with a cold blue sky

Alice in Chains have released a new song:

In recent weeks, the band posted lyrics from ‘Hollow’ on @aliceinchains, asking fans to create images inspired by the lyrics and submit them on Instagram. The band them used some of these images to create the video for ‘Hollow’.

The song feels like a natural follow on from 2009’s Black Gives Way to Blue, a trademark detuned Cantrell riff sprialling down in the verse before lifting into the chorus. The song is accompanied by an evocative array of bleak, washed-out images: happy smiley faces sparse land- and skyscapes; bare trees and silhouetted branches; isolated and abandoned or bare and functional buildings; grimy or rain-spattered windows that exclude rather than connect; empty paint-peeled, neon-lit corridors; and those rusting, dusty, banal details of existence (power lines, train tracks, a dangling phone receiver, barbed wire, an upturned shopping trolley, coat hangers) that amplify the cheerful jollity closed-off, introspective lifelessness of the lyrics.

AiC’s new album, the second with singer William DuVall, is due out in the spring. ‘Hollow’ promises much, but whilst AiC have found a distinctive sound in their second incarnation – a natural evolution from the Staley years – one hopes nonetheless that the new one will offer more than simply a continuation of the same.


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