Make the grey sky blue

Brad have announced European dates for February 2013.

The most famous member of Brad may be Stone Gossard, guitarist in Pearl Jam, but the heartbeat of the band is the talented Shawn Smith, a songwriter with a distinctive voice, eclectic influences and numerous projects – Brad, Satchel, Pigeonhed and his own solo material. Here’s his recent interview with the Sodajerker chaps.

Brad – who originally wished to be called Shame, only to find the name already taken by musician Brad Wilson – have been together for over 20 years, having released five albums (including debut Shame) and built up something of a cult following during that time. They also seemingly have links to just about every band to come out of the Seattle rock scene, most recently having recorded with Malfunkshun’s Kevin Wood, brother of Andy.

Although not without a rockier edge, most of their songs deliver more gentle grooves, Smith’s songwriting style and vulnerable voice allowing Gossard to showcase another side to his guitar playing – fluid, sinuous rhythms, lightness of touch, and the odd dash of funk thrown in for good measure.

From 1993’s Shame, the timeless and transcendently beautiful ‘Buttercup’ and ’20th Century’:

From Interiors, some sweet piano and delicately understated guitar work (including Mike McCready on lead) from the heart-warming ‘The Day Brings’:

And from the latest album United We Stand, ‘Waters Deep’:


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