Wishlist Foundation, 24.03.12

Radio Seattle, Wishlist Foundation, 24.03.12

Radio Seattle, Wishlist Foundation, 24.03.12

What a great evening that was. Lovely venue – the stage was tiny but it added to the charm of the ballroom, which even boasted a mirrorball (great name for an album…). Very friendly band to support – check out the excellent Pearl Jammer if you get the chance – I was hugely impressed by their attention to detail. Didn’t envy them the journey back to Liverpool that night though! And a good cause to be playing for – raising money for the Wishlist Foundation. We played a cracker of a set, building on the confidence gained from the Flag gig the week before and finding a solid groove to carry us through the 50 minutes we were on stage. I even had a bottle of Newcastle Brown to keep me company.

We kicked off with the same two openers from the Flag, before introducing the first of several new songs in Fell on Black Days. Alice in Chains dominated the middle of the set – Man in the Box, Rooster and Would?, with Come As You Are snuck away in the middle.  Then out came the dropped D (strictly speaking, dropped C#) riffing, using some suitably grungy feedback to segue Heart-Shaped Box into Oustshined, before some more STP in Interstate Love Song. We rounded it all off with Yellow Ledbetter – a PJ song, played in front of a room of PJ fans and a PJ tribute act. No pressure then, especially as the (slightly fiddly) intro is mine alone. Lovely solo though.

All finished too soon! When’s the next one? Oh yes, 15 June, back at the Flag in Watford with a new set to try out.

More photos of the gig in the Photos tab along the top menu. And of course more on the band on our Facebook, Reverb Nation, Myspace and Twitter (@radioseattle @markofthehour) pages! Social media, huh?

Setlist, Wishlist Foundation, Stockwell 24.03.12: Plush, Nearly Lost You, Fell On Black Days, Man in a Box, Come As You Are, Rooster, Would?, Heart-Shaped Box, Outshined, Interstate Love Song, Yellow Ledbetter


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