The Flag, Watford, 16.03.12

Radio Seattle, The Flag, 16.03.12

How much fun was that?! Great to be back onstage again, and great to be playing guitar on some grunge classics!

There are some photos posted on Facebook, with more to follow very shortly, along with some videos. All of which will get posted here on the blog too. And if you haven’t found us on ReverbNation or Myspace, please take a look.

We served up a half-hour set to an appreciative little crowd, six songs by six bands. We’ve rehearsed hard the past couple of weeks, and it all felt good on the night. We kicked off with Plush, upping the tempo by going straight into Nearly Lost You. Out came the chorus pedal for Come As You Are and Rooster, before we stomped all over Outshined. Alive closed the set, giving me the chance to be both Gossard (big riff) and McCready (even bigger solo) all wrapped into one. Bliss. All over too quickly though.

Before signing off, a quick mention for the band who followed us – Knievel Genius – big, sweaty, dropped-C (!) riffs aplenty. It wasn’t till about half an hour after chatting to the singer that I remembered why the name rang a bell: they contributed to Pledge, an excellent Kerbdog tribute album. Well worth checking out. And if you don’t know Kerbdog, shame on you (but it’s not too late to make amends).

Thanks to everyone who came along! We’re back at The Flag on 29 June – hope to see y’all there!

Setlist, The Flag, Watford 16.03.12: Plush, Nearly Lost You, Come As You Are, Rooster, Outshined, Alive


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