Rehearsals 06, 13 and 20.02.12

The heading is implicitly an apology in itself. Sorry for the delay with the latest Radio Seattle news!

First up, and most importantly, we’re busily finetuning for the Friday 16 March gig at the Flag in Watford, and also for a support gig on Sat 24 March in Stockwell. More news on this second gig imminently…

For the first two rehearsals this month we concentrated on sorting out our Flag setlist. Which we’ve done, but if you want to know what it is, you’ll have to come along to the gig! One or two tough calls to keep it to 30 mins, but we’ve settled on a setlist with some classic grunge tunes by a wide range of bands. And to finish off, a very long solo from yours truly with a little story to tell. Which song could it be? They’ll have to unplug me. (Now there’s a thought…)

For the third rehearsal, Zeek was away on holiday, so Dave P came round to mine and we worked on arranging a few songs stripped down to just vocals and clean tone(ish) guitar. We also looked at a few extra Pearl Jam songs with a view to adding them to our song bank. Zeek’s flying back slightly early so we’ll be a full band again for next rehearsal.

I’m now the proud owner of a very nifty gadget, a Zoom G3 Guitar Effects thingy. Plug for Stompbox time:—free-delivery-1746-p.asp. Basically it gives me as gazillion pedal options, from the really useful bankers (tubescreamer, overdrive, reverb, chorus, compression) to some quite esoteric and fun stuff. Some sweet tones.

Unfortunately, we’re now down to a fourpiece, Dave S feeling he’s unable to commit the time that the band requires. We’re all missing him, his guitar-playing partner-in-crime most of all, but if in future his commitments allow, the door remains open for the band to return to a fivepiece, especially if we ever get big in Japan:


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