Rehearsal 30.01.12

First up, an apology. I was editing some posts yesterday and clicked ‘Publish’ on one when I intended to click ‘Save Draft’. I hope like Tonto pulling back the curtain it hasn’t ruined the mystique of blog publishing. I’m a numpty. Still, now you know there’s a post brewing about Nirvana (shock). Right, moving on…

Dave S has been “enjoying the bracing sea air” (he phrased it slightly differently) down in Dorset this week on a Geography field trip. He may even pass the exam this summer. Temporarily reduced to a four-piece, with yours truly responsible for all guitar duties (eek), we decamped to a smaller rehearsal room. There was a friendly band packing up when I got there, so I’ll give them a free plug, even though they’re not grunge and they’ve been doing pretty well for themselves already anyway. Check out The Effect on FB:!/theeffectband. Definitely worth a listen.

So, after giving Dave P a birthday muffin (do I have to insert an ‘oo-er’ here? yes, ok, apparently I do or the innuendo police will drop by and bang me up), and a bass rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ from Richard, we cracked on with finetuning our songs. Plush, Nearly Lost You and Fell on Black Days remain our bankers, and, if you’ll forgive the complete lack of modesty, we were smoking on Alive.

Would? is starting to sound right; Better Man and Interstate Love Song got a dusting down after a couple of weeks on the (mixed metaphor) subs bench. And, man, I loved having the chance (one week only) to play the solo for Say Hello 2 Heaven. Bliss! If you can’t wrench a bit of soul of that McCready masterpiece, put down the guitar and try doing something else.

So with all that hubris in the air, we finished with Yellow Ledbetter (another joyful McCready solo, Emaj this time)… and I completely stuffed up the outro. Even more Nemesis than Miss Marple working for Jason Rafiel.

Next week we’re going to have a pop at a bit more Nirvana.

Songs: Plush, Nearly Lost You, Fell on Black Days, Alive, Interstate Love Song, Would?, Rooster, Heart-Shaped Box, Outshined, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Better Man, Yellow Ledbetter

Photo: Ardfern


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