Rehearsal 23.01.12

Apologies for the delay in posting the latest rehearsal notes, my internet provider stuffed up and I was without internet access for 48 hrs. Eek. The horror. I won’t name names, but the company should stop spending money sticking ginger beards on Olympic sprinters and concentrate on getting faults fixed promptly.

Right, privileged western consumer moan over. They were very nice on the Helpline. Eventually.

Rehearsal this week saw us a man light, singer Dave P hors de combat with man-flu. So it gave us a chance to run through songs without him, work on a few specific problems (such as me and Dave S galumphing all over Richard’s bass run at the end of Alive – to be fair, I have just indulged myself in two minutes of Mike McCready’s finest, I should let him have his moment of glory) and discuss pickup choices, EQs and the balance of the guitars. All the stuff that would have made Dave P ill with boredom if he hadn’t already been off ill anyway.

Dave S took a stack of photos, and I’ll get some of these uploaded this week, either here or on the band’s Facebook page:!/pages/Radio-Seattle/298277663538939. If you don’t ‘like’ the band already on FB, that’ll be your chance! Ahh, go on now. Go on, go on, go on.

Oh, and we’ve got a couple of demos up from the recordings the week before: Plush and Nearly Lost You. The sound is pretty raw, but worth checking out. Click on the Demos page on the top menu, and spin the black circle! (Or the digital equivalent anyway.) Enjoy!


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