Come as you are, as you were

I’ve recently started following an interesting blog, and this blogger’s new year resolution (, aside from giving me much to enjoy this year, has got me thinking. (Imagine me as Carrie Bradshaw, sat on bed in front of laptop, bravely raising those darn tricky issues a single gal in NYC just has to confront if she’s finally going to land Mr Big. An out-of-date and gruesome analogy, but there you go. Sorry.)

[types pensively] Are we due a grunge revival in 2012?

The wish is probably father to the thought, granted, but if you shake the tealeaves about confidently enough there are some positive signs to be discerned.

As mentioned previously, last autumn witnessed the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind, celebrated with the ubiquitous remastered, special edition etc etc re-release, a photo exhibition here in London, and a screening at last year’s Reading festival of Nirvana’s famous, mud-caked 1992 appearance. (I was there for most of the festival but missed Nirvana in what turned out to be their last UK show. I’ll bore you with the details some day. If missing Nirvana wasn’t bad enough, I also of course missed grunge’s eminence grise Everett True pushing Cobain out on stage in his wheelchair. Them’s the breaks.) And Pearl Jam turned 20 with plenty left in the tank (hopefully!).

I’ve also read somewhere that the grunge look is due a bit of a revival among fashionistas. Anyone who knows me will recognise that I’m a dedicated follower of fashion (!), but appararently the ripped denim, checked shirt and scruffy boots look will be back in vogue this year. (No mention, though, of gaffer tape and holey socks,) This resuscitates shiver-inducing memories from 1993-94 of grunge on the catwalks, perhaps the moment when it was clear that the overblown grunge bubble needed bursting.

2012 is likely to witness new albums by Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, oddly the first time these three will have released albums in the same year; and European tours by the latter two this summer, including a recently announced spot at Donnington for Chris Cornell’s crew. Matt Cameron will be a busy man!


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