Rehearsal 16.01.12

Watford Cheetahs update: cornerback Sweet (when do you choose a squad number, Dave?) turned up with a comedy limp and (probably) half a kneecap left, muttering something about the knuckleheaded safety on his own side. The season starts in April. Can’t wait.

This was a birthday rehearsal. Your correspondent turned thirty-aarrgghh… thirty-aarrgghh… thirty-way-too-many. Dave S got me some cool wooden picks that are a delight to use (small pleasures grow in size when you reach my advancing years). It was also Dave P’s wife’s birthday. Yes, he made it to rehearsal… late. I’m impressed he made it at all.

A return to form this week. Abandoning playing a setlist, we focused on fewer songs and methodically reacquainted ourselves with them. Come As You Are is the one new song we’re plugging away at. Finding just the right Nirvana song(s) to play is proving tricky. Anyway, we taped the songs, and are giving them a listen through to decide which ones we’ll get down on tape next Monday. We should be recording two songs, and I’ll upload them to this blog. Am listening to Fell on Black Days right now. There are some quite comic bits round the songs. Bid enough and I’ll upload the two Daves enjoying a bit of Welcome Home (Sanitarium).

Songs: Nearly Lost You, Plush, Fell on Black Days, Alive, Cherub Rock, Rooster, Come As You Are, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Yellow Ledbetter (snuck on the end – can’t finish a rehearsal without playing it!)


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