Rehearsal 12.12.11

Last rehearsal of the year. I forewent my office Christmas party (sorry, par-tay! yay! smiley happy corporate fun etc) to make it. There’s devotion to the band for you. We were back in the room with the big mirror along one wall, so I spent the evening (un-vampirically) avoiding my reflection whilst getting confused by seeing Dave S and Richard playing left-handed again.

I brought a couple of possible setlists – one juggled a few songs round to see if anything sounded different for cosying up to a new musical friend, the other was essentially the same as last week’s. I was outvoted – we’re nothing if not democratic – and we went for the latter.

No photos or tracks this week, I’m afraid, but I’ll remedy that in the new year. All sounded good, except that, after moving Breed to break up the Alice in Chains section, we forgot to play it. Oh, and I hit the wrong foot pedal for the Alive solo and completely stuffed up the start. I’m sure it happens to Mike McCready all the time.

Say Hello 2 Heaven has incorporated itself elegantly into the setlist. The set finishes with a few more reflective songs, though, and has quite a slow tempo; I wonder if we should move, say, Cherub Rock, to be the penultimate song. It will all shuffle around no doubt once we add some more new songs.

Highlight of the evening: Dave P outing himself as a Skid Row fan with a quick rendition of I Remember You. Très grunge. Dave S then played the start to 18 and Life, which threw me completely as I don’t recall Skid Row being a Bay Area band. (For the record I’ve always rather liked the Skidders, as they never were – but should have been – affectionately referred to. Guilty pleasures…)

Happy Christmas and New Year y’all! Bring on 2012 – we’re ready to dust off the Stonehenge model and start gigging. Hello Cleveland!

Setlist 12-12-11:

Cherub Rock, Nearly Lost You, Plush, Fell on Black Days, Alive, Man in the Box, Breed, Rooster, Would?, Heart-Shaped Box, Outshined, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Better Man, Interstate Love Song, Yellow Ledbetter


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