Rehearsal 06.12.11

Now with added photo! (lucky you)

This is us rehearsing in the glamorous setting of Mill Hill Music Complex, north London’s finest rehearsal complex. Let’s hope we get money off the room rental for the plug. I’m behind the camera; there are more photos but I’m having trouble uploading them. You can see the others (including my “friend of Earl Hickey” impression) on our Radio Seattle FB page.

Fell on Black Days (the song, not a comment on the rehearsal space).

Things I learnt in rehearsal this week.

  1. None of us much like having our photos taken.
  2. I’m rubbish with a camera. To be fair, I already knew this.
  3. Cherub Rock could make a good set opener, but it needs a bit of work.
  4. Dave S loves pick slides. I already knew this one too.
  5. Given half a chance between songs, not only will I kick into that grunge classic Harvester of Sorrow, but Zeek will readily pretend to be Lars, whilst the others patiently wait for us to get it out of our systems.
  6. Most of the songs are sounding really good, we just need to tinker with the balance of the sound a bit. Let’s gig! Hello, err, somewhere!
  7. Think that’s it.
  8. No, hold on, did I mention Dave S and the pick slides? I did? Ok, that is it, then.

A first chance this week to play Say Hello 2 Heaven as a five-piece. Rich and Zeek have got Jeff and Matt down pat for this one. Dave S nailed the solo second time round, but there’s a bit of work to do to get the subtle interplay between the two rhythm guitars right. When we do, they’ll be a prefect complement to Dave P’s vocals. For a man who doesn’t like singing Chris Cornell songs he’s doing a damn fine job.

Setlist 06-12-11:

Cherub Rock, Nearly Lost You, Plush, Fell on Black Days, Alive, Breed, Man in the Box, Rooster, Would?, Heart-Shaped Box, Outshined, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Better Man, Interstate Love Song, Yellow Ledbetter


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