Rehearsal 28.11.11

Rejigged the setlist again for this week, but at the last minute Dave S was unable to make it, so we focused on a few of the songs instead as a four-piece.

The main thing was a first stab at Say Hello 2 Heaven. It’s a lovely song to play, even if picking and hammering round the barre chords in the third verse, and Chris Cornell’s vocal line on the third chorus, aren’t exactly straightforward! Dave S has got a tremolo pedal (if he can locate it on his neverending pedal board) which he’ll be wheeling out for the intro, look forward to hearing this at the next practice. A bearded Chris Cornell joined Pearl Jam at PJ20 a couple of months ago to play this and Hungerstrike. Check it out on youtube. Temple of the Dog reunited!

There were impromptu run-throughs of Black and Release – not currently on the setlist – and a jam round the genesis of our own song, with a big fat dropped D riff. We also slightly inexplicably messed about with Knocking on Heaven’s Door at the end – don’t tell anyone we were being that clichéd – giving me the excuse for a long noodle, (squeaky) wah-wah a-go-go (sorry). I think we should jam more, it tightens us up as a band.

Here’s the setlist we would have done, will probably give it a go at the next rehearsal and see how it works.

Rehearsal setlist 28-11-11:

Cherub Rock, Nearly Lost You, Plush, Fell on Black Days, Alive, Breed, Man in the Box, Rooster, Would?, Heart-Shaped Box, Outshined, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Better Man, Interstate Love Song, Yellow Ledbetter


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