Rehearsal 21.11.11

We’ve been rehearsing as a full band since June, when singer Dave came on board, but whilst i’ve always intended to post about our gigs once we start treading the boards next year, it’s only just occurred to me to scribble posts about how rehearsals are going. So this series of posts just has to kick off midstream. I’m going to upload photos in the coming weeks too (lucky you).

In recent rehearsals we’ve been road-testing possible setlists. It’s helped to sharpen us up, and gives us a chance to work out which songs cosy up to each other well, and which ones won’t be sharing cups of sugar on Ramsey Street. Heart-Shaped Box leads into Outshined sweetly. Nearly Lost You and Plush also make happy bedfellows, as do (unsurprisingly) Rooster and Would?.

This evening we tried out a new set opener in Cherub Rock. Newie Breed fitted in snugly midset too, upping the tempo. If I can persuade the others, I’d like to try out opening with Release some time – different vibe to start a set with, but something PJ have often done (with this or with other songs like Sometimes) before leading into a livelier second song.

As ever, Yellow Ledbetter finished the set, though we need to tighten up the ending. I can’t match Mike McCready’s lovely blues phrasing, but it’s starting to sound ok, and the tone that the neck pick up on my new Squier Strat gives is simply sweet.

Outside the setlist, we revisited Spoonman, but remain unsure it’s quite the right song for us to play. Towards the end, Dave P picked up Dave S’s guitar and played Say Hello 2 Heaven. Sounded awesome; an easy decision about which new song to tackle next week!

A couple of days after the rehearsal, Zeek sent round a link to earplugs he recommends that was enthusiatically received by the others. Maybe we should simply turn the amps down?!

Rehearsal setlist 21-11-11:

Cherub Rock, Interstate Love Song, Breed, Fell on Black Days, Alive, Rooster, Would?, Man in the Box, Heart-Shaped Box, Outshined, Better Man, Nearly Lost You, Yellow Ledbetter


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